Actor Amitabh Bachchan has tweeted out a clip that shows two lions expressing their love to the woman who brought them up before they were taken by the zoo. The video is going viral on social media and Twitter users wonder why human kids don’t possess the same kind of affection for their parents these days. It shows the two grown-up cubs running towards the woman, hugging her and licking her face, telling her how much they care. Also Read - Thappad Actor Pavail Gulati To Feature As Amitabh Bachchan's Son in Goodbye

The video was originally posted by a Twitter user who revealed that the woman in the video lived in New Zealand and had two pet cubs. However, when they grew up, the New Zealand Wildlife department took them away to the zoo. The woman pays regular visits to them. She tagged senior Bachchan in her tweet and wrote, “A lady from NZ had 2 pet cubs. When they greq up they were taken over by the NZ Wildlife deptt. She visits them regularly and look at tge response of affection she gets. Unlike what kids of todays age give their parents once they growp n move out” (sic). Here’s the video: Also Read - Amitabh Reveals Story of 'Jalsa', With 46-Yr-Old Throwback Photo From Chupke Chupke | Check Photos

The megastar reposted the same tweet and fell short of words while expressing his feelings. He simply wrote ‘amazing’. Here’s his tweet:

It’s often believed that the connection between animals and humans is spiritual – that’s the reason why both can understand each other’s needs and moods despite one being unable to speak. Scroll up and watch the video again, this is just beautiful!