Viral Video: The internet is a very weird place, full of bizarre videos which might make you question reason and logic. In today’s edition of absolutely crazy, a video has emerged on Twitter which shows a woman making a party drink in a toilet bowl and serving it to her friends. Yes, you might have to read that sentence again!Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Removes Her Underwear to Use As Mask in Supermarket, 'Disgusting', Say Shoppers

The disgusting clip is actually an instructional video on how to make some DIY fruit punch wherein the woman casually fills her toilet bowl with candy and ice cream. She then opens the flush compartment and pours a few soda drinks like Fanta, Sprite and a whole bottle of fruit punch inside it. Next she pulls the flush so that all ingredients of her party drink are mixed together inside the toilet bowl. She then pours the fruity drink into glasses and proceeds to serve it to her friends. She even explained the entire process to them and said, “I cleaned the toilet before I made it”.

After the horrific discovery, everybody abandoned their glasses while one of them poured the drink right back inside the toilet bowl.

The two and a half minute video was originally shared on Facebook, on a page called The Anna Show, but has gone viral on other social media platforms.

Watch the video here:

Needless to say, the video has gone crazy viral, with 6.7 million views and thousands of retweets and comments. While many were absolutely disgusted, some others refused to believe that somebody could do such a thing.

One user wrote, ‘”We would NOT be friends after this at all!!!!! Nope!!! I feel a restraining order coming and a lawsuit for damages.” Another commented, ‘”Not even in a brand new toilet, from the store, out the box, bleached, never connected, or used… whyyyyyyyy?!?!?

See  a few reactions:

This is just gross!