New Delhi: A woman has alleged that she was denied entry into a Delhi restaurant as she was wearing a traditional Indian wear. The incident happened at a restaurant named Aquila Delhi, situated at August Kranti Marg, where the staff barred a woman for entering the restaurant just because she was wearing a saree.Also Read - Viral Video: After Man Refuses to Take Covid Vaccine, Here's What His Friends Did Next | Watch

A short clip of the undated incident has surfaced on social media, wherein the woman is seen asking the staff about its dress code rule and demands to see it in writing. ‘Show me that saree is not allowed’, the woman says. In response, a woman staff answers saying, ‘Ma’am, we only allow smart casual, saree doesn’t come under smart casual”, and walks away.

Twitter user Anita Choudhary took to share the video and wrote, ”Saree is not allowed in Aquila restaurant as Indian Saree is now not an smart outfit. What is the concrete definition of Smart outfit plz tell me. Please define smart outfit so I will stop wearing saree,” and tagged several ministers.

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The video has enraged citizens who slammed the restaurant for its dress code policy. Calling the dictat bizarre, people called out the ‘discriminatory’ and ‘elitist’ rules of the restaurant. Twitter user Shefali Vaidya wrote, ”Who decides sari is not ‘smart wear’? I have worn sarees at the best restaurants in the US, UAE as well in UK. No one stopped me. And some Aquila Restaurant dictates a dress code in India and decides saree is not ‘smart enough’? Bizarre.”

Another commented, ”Legally perhaps this restaurant is safe as a private place can impose their dress code on patrons.However the fact that #saree is not considered appropriate attire for any place in our country is disturbing,to say the least. We have a messed up concept of what’s modern & cool.”

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A similar incident happened last year as well, when Sangeeta K Nag, Principal of Pathways Senior School in Gurugram, was denied entry to a restaurant for wearing saree. She posted a video of the incident where an employee of Kylin and Ivy restaurant can be heard telling her, “Ethnic is something we don’t allow”. The mall management apologized to the her for its staff’s behaviour after facing flak on social media.

The restaurant reportedly has a strict dress code: “Smart casuals only/ no shorts/slippers.” In the video, the hotel staff can be heard saying that this rule is not being followed by the two persons.