With several people streaming out onto the streets in US and UK to protest against systematic rasicm after a black man, George Floyd, was murdered in police custody in Minneapolis, a viral trend has gripped TikTok users who can be seen twerking to a protest chant. It all began when a TikToker named Mandy J went to a protest in Philadelphia on June 03 and recorded a video from the event where people are reportedly chanting, “Take it to the streets, fuck the police, now bounce that ass, no peace.” Also Read - Now, A Squirrel in US Tests Positive For the Bubonic Plague, Twitter Says '2020 Has No Chill'

Taking to her handle on the short video-sharing app, Mandy captioned it, “philly’s vibe is unmatched everyone needs to get out there and donate, educate, protest, & speak up#blacklivesmatter #nojusticenopeace (sic)” and a user quickly commented, “that extra ‘no peace’ hits! (sic).” In no time, other TikTok users borrowed the audio from Mandy’s video and shared videos of them performing or twerking to the chant in order to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement online. Also Read - Watch: Pakistanis Sing 'Jana Gana Mana' & 'Vande Mataram' With Indians in London During Anti-China Protest

@mandaajaneephilly’s vibe is unmatched✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 everyone needs to get out there and donate, educate, protest, & speak up##blacklivesmatter ##nojusticenopeace♬ original sound – mandaajanee

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One user even suggested that the actual chant might be “Take it to the streets, defund the police no justice no peace”, hinting at the great Yanny and Laurel fiasco of 2018 which had the Internet divided over an audio recording that sounded like “Yanny” to some people and “Laurel” to others.

Check out TikTokers performance on the protest chant here:

@realwoahvicky♬ original sound – mandaajanee

@madshro0msI can hear both but I like the second one better. Anyways defund the police. 🙈✨😼♬ original sound – mandaajanee

@cayleyspiveygonna hit em with the bops, check the link in my bio to find out what you can do for ##blm 🙂 ##fyp♬ original sound – mandaajanee

@la_the1@julianhagins Bruh…pure perfection!👌🏾 TY: @mandaajanee for capturing the real moment ##nojusticenopeace ##comedy ##lgbtq ##mypride ##pride2020 ##protest

♬ original sound – mandaajanee

Racial protests gained steam in the US after the gruesome murder of African-American George Floyd by Minneapolis officers who wrongly detained and knelt on the neck of the black man for nearly 9 minutes until he died on the road in public view. The recent merciless killings of African-Americans Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and Floyd, triggered the Black Lives Matter movement that trickled from America to the rest of the world. In London, a list of more than 60 statues that should be removed in the UK was drawn up by the anti-racism activists.