Viral WhatsApp / Tik Tok Message: As India observes Janata curfew today, a WhatsApp message that’s going viral links PM Modi‘s 5 pm request with science. In his address to the nation on Thursday, the PM asked the countrymen to come out in their balconies or at the doors to thank those who are still working out in this time of coronavirus outbreak. He asked the citizens to clap together, ring bells, beat the trays, make sound or blow the conch shells in a gesture of respect and thanks to those who are risking their lives every day by going out so that the rest of the people can stay at home under self-quarantine. Now users on WhatsApp are aggressively this forward that shows how this request by the PM is related to science even though there’s no actual proof of its scientific relevance. Also Read - Janata Curfew: New WhatsApp Sticker Shows PM Modi Folding Hands to Request 'Ghar Par Hi Rahe'

The message says that Modi is taking advice from a ‘someone very knowledgable’ who is ‘guiding’ him about the position of stars in the universe and how making loud sounds right at 5 pm would minimise the effect of the growing coronavirus infection in the country. The forward also says that March 22, Sunday, is Amavasya, also known as no Moon day, which makes the virus ‘more powerful’ and therefore, it is advisable to produce positive vibrations in a large amount which will be done only when the entire nation comes together to make collective sounds. Also Read - Parents Dine Outside The Room of Self-Quarantined Daughter, Video Goes Viral

Here’s what the message reads: The 5pm clapping modiji asked us to do is extremely interesting. Someone i know who’s studied astrology and knows how to corelate with science.
At that time Moon is passing to a new ‘nakshatra’ called Revati.
The playing of bells and clapping: The cumulative vibration will encourage blood circulation in the body. .
It’s the reason they used to have huge, gong-like bells in old Shakti temples on the mountains.
Someone very knowledgeable is guiding Modi abt this. Hope it works. 22nd March is Amavasya, darkest day in a month. All virus, bacteria and evil forces have maximum potential and power on such days. 5 PM- clapping, shankh nagada etc by 130 crore people at the same time will create so much vibrations that virus will lose all potency. Must for everyone.👍👍👍👍 Also Read - Coronavirus: 'Janata Curfew' Begins, PM Modi Urges People to 'Add Tremendous Strength to Fight Against COVID-19 Menace'

Forwarded as received… Should definitely be tried👏🏻👏🏻”

It’s a widely shared message and the one that shows how most people take no time to fall for superstitions and believe things without facts or any scientific grounds. What do you think of this?