Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli is celebrating his 29th birthday today and the lovable cricketer has given one of the most entertaining and no-holds-barred interviews to Gaurav Kapur on the latter’s YouTube channel ‘Breakfast With Champions’. The two-part interview has the flamboyant cricketer talk about his teammates MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar and even his lady luck actress-girlfriend Anushka Sharma. The candid interview is one of the best that has a sportsperson answering and revealing secrets and anecdotes from their life and true to his talent Gaurav Kapur soon make Virat Kohli divulge some of the best kept secrets about his life, cricket, and the Indian Cricket team.Also Read - Virat Kohli Has Extended Net Session Ahead of RCB vs CSK; Coach Mike Hesson Says 'He's Desperate to do Well'

Virat Kohli who is known to be an aggressive person on the field has mellowed down considerably over the years and attributes the change to a special someone. The interview which has been broken into two parts on YouTube has already gone viral and amassed a million views. Here are some of the best moments of the interview. Virat Kohli revealed a whole different side to himself and of many of the players too and we finally got to know quite a bit about what goes in the dressing room of the Indian cricket team. India vs New Zealand Second T20I: MS Dhoni Trolled On Twitter After Team India Lost At Rajkot Also Read - Ravi Shastri Advised Virat Kohli to Quit ODI, T20I Captaincy: Reports

1.Virat Kohli called actress Anushka Sharma his lady luck

Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma have been dating for quite some time now and the rumoured couple is going pretty steady. Virat Kohli divulged in the interview that previously he was very uncouth and not ‘gentlemanly’ but after Anushka Sharma stepped into his life many things have changed and changed for the better. It was her support that helped him tide over his bad patch and kept him motivated to achieve this hiatus in his career. Also Read - Virat Kohli Could be 'Removed as RCB Captain Mid-Way' Through IPL 2021: Ex-India Cricketer

2.He works out for 4 hours in the gym during off-season

Virat Kohli is now known for his fitness and impeccable fielding abilities. He attributes it to the fact that he works out at the gym for four mean hours when it is off-season and during the tournaments, he puts in one, a one-and-half hour.

3.The Indian Dressing Room plays Punjabi Music

The Indian dressing room plays Punjabi music not because the players are Punjabis or any such reason but for the simple fact that not many players bring their iPods except Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya. Since Hardik Pandya has only English songs on his playlist (although he doesn’t know the lyrics to any of them) and Virat Kohli has Punjabi ones, the rest of the players choose the skipper’s choice of songs rather than listen to Hardik Pandya’s.

4.MS Dhoni is as cool as he comes across

Virat Kohli revealed that MS Dhoni is very enthusiastic about things and has an enthusiasm equaling a child. He is always looking for something that would interest him. Although people think that he is very serious but he does have his funny moments too.

5.Rohit Sharma is a class apart

Virat Kohli revealed that he was very interested to know what is special about Rohit Sharma in their younger debutant days but once he saw him bat on the field all his doubts and queries were rest assured. He also revealed that Rohit Sharma uses a lot of Mumbaiya ‘tapori’ language and has a terrible memory. He keeps forgetting things like wallet, iPad, keys and even his passport.

6.Zaheer Khan gave him advice on his relationship

Virat Kohli let out the cat out of the bag about his rumoured relationship with actress Anushka Sharma and said that it was Zaheer Khan who was the first one to give him relationship advice. He told the captain that he shouldn’t hide his relationship because it will cause undue stress to him.

7.On his cheat day, this is what he would love to eat

Virat Kohli, like a typical Delhi resident, loves eating Chhole Bhature and that too from the famous ‘Ram ke Chhole-Bhature’ in Rajouri Garden, and no he will not take parcel but would love to eat at his shop.

8. Four years since he ate Butter Chicken

Virat Kohli almost burst into tears when Gaurav Kapur asked him about abstaining from Butter Chicken and naan. It seems the poor cricketer has not eaten his favourite food for four long years.

9.He was made a fool of by his teammates when he first met Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is literally like a god to many of the young Indian cricketers so it only makes sense that these young cricketers would feel awed in his presence. Virat Kohli revealed that his teammates played a prank on him. They told him that anyone who comes new to the team touches Sachin Tendulkar’s feet and take his blessings, so Virat tried to keep the tradition which apparently baffled Sachin Tendulkar and he revealed that the other players were making a fool out of him.

10.Chris Gayle terrifies umpires too

Virat Kohli’s teammate in Indian Premier League Chris Gayle is known to be a hard and forceful hitter of the ball. Apparently, his shots are so fearsome that even umpires are scared that they might die if hit by his shots.

Watch the first part of the interview here:

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Virat Kohli might have become a well-known man in the field of cricket but with this interview, he comes out to be just a regular guy who is down-to-earth and emotes the way any one of us would do. He bared his heart out in the interview and it was really fun to watch him and Gaurav Kapur do this awesome talk which has become such a hit with the viewers and cricket lovers.