Former cricketer Virender Sehwag has made a name for himself with his funny tweets and amazing sense of humour. He has been ruffling people’s feathers with his funny tweets for quite some time now, whether it is his witty birthday wishes for fellow cricketers or dishing out marital advice to people in general. This time around Virender Sehwag doled out advice on how to say no to smoking and it is making Twitterati laugh out loud on the internet. The picture that he shared was admirably funny and elicited hilarious reactions from Twitterati as well. The extreme advice that he shared on Twitter will come in handy for all the people who could not kick the butt and will stand them in good stead if they follow his advice, although we must say this would require extreme control. Also Read - Badminton or Tennis? Netizens Troll Parineeti Chopra And Saina-Makers For Confused Poster

Virender Sehwag tweeted out a collage of a man with his head inside a makeshift cage, sitting beside his wife and three children. In the next picture the wife is seen locking the cage and the text underneath the image reads, “Man locks his head in a cage in an attempt to quit smoking. Wife has the key and only opens it for meals.” Virender Sehwag shared the pictures with the caption, “:) Anushasan level ! Kuch bhi karna pade, say no to smoking , you are a human being not a tempo.” Virender Sehwag had the Wittiest Birthday Wish for Shikhar Dhawan, Leaves him Highly Amused Also Read - Pavitra Punia Lashes Out At Trolls For Questioning Her Relationship With Eijaz Khan, Says 'Haters Approval Not Needed'

Check out Virender Sehwag’s tweet:

Twitterati was highly amused by Virender Sehwag’s tweet. Sample a few tweets below.

Virender Sehwag is so intelligent

Might employ in real life

Even tempos are smokefree

What an idea, sir ji!

The dilemma

Virender Sehwag’s advice might be a little too hard for people to follow and also problematic if the wife loses the key but the fact is that smoking is an evil thing and it really damages our health. Smoking is detrimental to health and causes problems not only for the smoker but everyone who is near him in his vicinity and is a nuisance because passive smoking is more dangerous.