Kollam: While one ‘corona’ is still freaking out people across the world, another ‘Corona’ wants you to vote for her! Confused? Well, turns out the Kerala unit of Bharatiya Janata Party has launched a candidate named ‘Corona Thomas’ from Mathilil ward in local body elections due next month. Also Read - 'Corona' Store Opened 7 Years ago in Kerala's Kottayam Becomes Huge Hit Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

And as obvious as it is, her name is literally making heads turn, but also uttered with love and amusement now.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Corona goes for campaigning and house visits wearing a mask and gloves and offering sanitizers to the public while meeting and greeting them seeking votes. Though her name caused her embarrassment and pain during the initial days of the COVID-19 outbreak, it has now turned out to be a blessing in disguise during the election campaign.

“Because of my name, everyone recognises and remembers me during the campaign. Wherever I go, people call my name with amusement. I hope this name will help voters to remember me on election day and make them cast votes in my favour,” Corona told PTI.

She noted that her father Thomas Francis who had chosen rare names for her and her twin brother would have never thought that one day her name would be same as a viral infection that would bring the world to a standstill.

Ironically, a pregnant Corona had tested positive for the virus when her due date was just days away recently. But, successfully battling the virus, she and her baby survived the infection.

Corona hopes that her name would bring her luck when the ballot boxes are opened next month. Good luck to her!

(With PTI inputs)