Even the mere mention of a lion sends shivers down the spine of many but a wildlife researcher in Africa had the audacity to punch the mighty animal in the face! Yes, recently, Gotz Neef survived a murderous assault by a starving lion and put up a brave fight as it tried to eat him alive. Also Read - 'Punjabi Lioness': 62-Year-Old Woman Drives a Jeep From Patiala to Singhu Border to Join Farmers' Protest, Diljit Dosanjh Shares Pic

The incident happened on December 7, when the 32-year-old researcher was sleeping in his tent in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Suddenly, he heard a noise outside his tent and noticed the outline of a nose pushing in through his tent. Out of his wits, he punched it as hard he could, which infuriated the hungry lion even more, Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, Dr Rainer Von Brandis, a fellow researcher sleeping nearby, threw elephant dung and branches at the lion before hitting it with a piece of tree in a desperate attempt to save his friend’s life. Neef further attempted to fight the lion off, while head ranger Tomalets Setabosha threw a flash-bang to frighten it away.

After lot of struggle, his friends managed to wrestle the lion away from Neef, who was left with deep, open wounds from the attack.

“I did not know what was outside my tent and started calling for help and hit the nose with my fist as hard as possible and then it attacked me and began trying to bite and maul me. The lion started to bite me and got my head but I managed to pull it out and pushed my left elbow in his face and he started biting my arm and I screamed in pain” he told The Sun.

After the scary assault, Neef was rushed to hospital suffering 16 puncture wounds from the lion’s fangs, broken bones in his arm and elbow, and deep scratches from its claws. Lucky to be alive, he is now recovering from his wounds.