Have you ever seen a beggar with a better mobile phone than yours? Well, it might have happened to many of us. But have you ever seen a beggar who owns an iPhone? Well get ready to be amused.This beggar who was roaming on the roads with his iPhone got some very weird reactions from those who witnessed it.Also Read - Best Smartphones Under Rs 40,000 | Watch Video to Find Out Features and Specifications

Funk You videos are known to make some of the most amusing pranks, and this one is their latest video. In the video you can see, a less fortunate guy roaming on the roads with a plastick sack and a mobile in his hand. He is seen asking for help from people to recharge his iPhone, when people see that he is holding an iPhone, things start getting crazy! Also Read - Viral Video: Karnataka BJP MLA's Son Cuts Birthday Cakes With iPhone, Slammed For 'Ugly Display of Wealth' | Watch

You have to watch the video to check out the amusing reactions of the pedestrians who are way too shocked to see the beggar who owns an iPhone. Some of them ask him to confront about the fact that he has stolen the iPhone. While some other try to bully him and get hold of the phone. Some of them are even seen pleading the beggar to return the phone back to his owner.They are all taken aback when they are told that they were pranked by the Funk You team. Check out the video below. Also Read - Nigerian Man Eats Indian Food For The First Time, His Reaction Goes Viral | Watch Video