Animals sure are unpredictable, while some would come up to you for a cuddle, others would go into an attack mode the minute you go near them. In India, we often see many snake charmers carrying around deadly snakes like King Cobras in baskets and then display them in public. Most times the reptiles are tame enough not to attack, so it was very surprising for Twitter users to see a man giving a bath to what appeared to be a wild King Cobra. Also Read - Onlookers Horrified as Drunk Man Tries to Drown Bear in Warsaw Zoo After Entering Its Enclosure

The video was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, and in it a man could be seen collecting water in a bucket before pouring it over a large King Cobra. It looked like the snake was enjoying the water as it stayed quite calm throughout, and it even let the man pet him on the head at one point of time. Also Read - Instant Karma! Video Showing Buffalo Dislodging Men From Cart For Making it Race Goes Viral

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The video has been viewed and shared a good number of times, and most of the viewers were quite taken by the whole thing, commenting about how dangerous such an animal was what they would do if they ever came across one.

Though it looks very easy for the man giving the snake a bath, one must remember that you have to be an expert to handle such a poisonous creature and to never try capturing one if you do not have the expertise.