With every passing year, on Independence Day, Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated as the father of the nation. The ‘Mahatma’ is hailded as the father of the nation. There are a whole lot of them out there who think otherwise. There were hundreds of leaders who led the freedom struggle and one such name that stood out is the one of ‘Shaheed’ Bhagat Singh. Read Also: True Indian Freedom Fighters: Remembering 7 unsung heroes of India on Independence Day 2015 Also Read - PM Narendra Modi Congratulates US President Joe Biden, Says Looking Forward To Work Together

The revolutionary leader was instrumental for rattling the British 16 years before India got independence. A well educated man, Bhagat Singh traded books for knives and took on the British head on. He was tortured in jail and eventually hanged to death. He was only 23 at the time. While India and Pakistanis would forever be torn over Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, this Pakistani political commentator puts things in perspective. Also Read - China Pakistan Economic Corridor- Part 4- Chinese Mathematics of Debt

On the panel, the discussion is solely dedicated to Bhagat Singh and his efforts to end the British regime. For people who understand a smattering of Urdu, the significance of Bhagat Singh and his achievements are well documented in under four minutes and so is his importance across south-east Asia, not just India. Also Read - China Pakistan Economic Corridor: When China Invested in Pakistan, They Did The Math