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When Praneet Bhatt visited office recently, we put a pertinent question to him. While he was taking a walk in our office, meeting people and answering some curious queries people had about Shakuni Mama’s stay in the house, we decided to quizz the man on the authenticity of the show. Bigg Boss season 8 certainly made Praneet a household name. And we had to ask this BIG question to the man who stayed in the house and won our collective hearts with his warmth as well as with the generosity of his spirit. Also Read - Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Lokesh Kumari Looks Unrecognisable Post Weight Loss

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Is Bigg Boss and the drama that unfolds in the glass-walled house for real? How much of the hysteria and hullabaloo generated by the inmates we see on the small screen  is scripted? We asked Bhatt. We know for a fact that certain situations are planted in the house to evoke predictable responses. But are celebs manipulated or are they asked to behave a certain way in order to fetch the-much-needed eyeballs, in turn the TRP’s? we asked the good-hearted villain. Here’s what Praneet had to say.