In her bid to honour the demonstrators who were tear gassed from the area recently to make way as US President Donald Trump stepped out for a photo-op, Mayor of Washington DC – Muriel Bowser has renamed the section of 16th street to Black Lives Matter Plaza. Demanding that Trump removes federal soldiers from Washington, the democrat had the words ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ painted on the asphalt and the protesters happily painted the massive letters in yellow.Also Read - CDC's U-Turn Amid Covid Delta Variant Fears: Vaccinated People to Wear Masks Again in US

Taking to her Twitter handle, the Afro-American mayor unveiled the giant street mural with the symbol from the DC flag. She announced in the caption, “The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially “Black Lives Matter Plaza” (sic).” Also Read - Here's How US is Planning to Share 55 Million Covid Vaccine Doses With The World

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Mayor’s chief of staff John Falcicchio tweeted, “There was a dispute this week about whose street this is. Mayor Bowser wanted to make it abundantly clear that this is DC’s street and to honor demonstrators who peacefully protesting on Monday evening.”

The incident comes at the heels of this very street full of protesters being tear gassed on Trump’s command, who had briefly retreat to a bunker beneath the White House but later stepped out in the cleared Lafayette Square for the photo op with a bible in hand before St John’s Church. Leaving several religious leaders enraged, the church patio reportedly witnessed smoke, flash grenades and some form of chemical sprayed by forces.

The move drew a lot of flak from religious leaders and seems like even the Mayor could not keep calm. However, reacting to the mural, Trump tweeted, “@MayorBowser is grossly incompetent, and in no way qualified to be running an important city like Washington, D.C. If the great men and women of the National Guard didn’t step forward, she would have looked no better than her counterpart Mayor in Minneapolis! (sic).”

Triggered by the recent gruesome murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, the #BlackLivesMatter shook the conscience of not just the Americans of different colour but also people around the world who staged protests in their respective countries or extended support on social media platforms. People poured out onto the streets after George Floyd was mercilessly murdered by a Minneapolis police officer who knelt on his neck after wrongly detaining him as he gasped for breath.