Tanishq Abraham, an Indian origin child prodigy has surprised everyone with his intellect! He became one of the youngest ever kids in USA to graduate high school. The child is a native of Sacramento, California, and received his high school diploma with a 4.0 GPA at a private ceremony at California Auto Museum on Sunday, June 8. Also Read - Removing a Condom Without Consent Soon to Become Illegal in California, Will Others Follow Suit?

What is interesting is that Tanishq was home-schooled since the age of seven! He passed a state exam in March that certified that he had met the appropriate academic standards to receive his diploma. Also Read - Nurse in California Tests Positive For Coronavirus Week After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine: Report

The child is indeed very ambitious; he claims that he wants to go to medical school and cure cancer and also aspires to be elected as the President, although this planning is in no particular order! Also Read - Tragic! Mexican Singer Jerry Demara Dies in 'Unbearable Pain' After Wrongly Injecting Vitamin Into His Buttocks

Watch video of Tanishq Abraham, the little genius!