Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is being hailed as a hero after he rescued two women from drowning after their kayak capsized. The president was at a beach in Portugal’s Algarve region when the two women in the water were swept by a current at the Praia do Alvor beach on Saturday. Also Read - 'They Deserve Bravery Award': Three TN Women Remove Sarees, Hurl Them In Water To Rescue 2 Youths From Drowning

Seeing them in distress,  the 71-year-old president swam towards the women and their capsized kayak and rescued them. Meanwhile, another man who was already there, also tried to help turn the kayak over while a person on a jet ski also approached to offer help.

Watch the rescue video:

“They were dragged away from another beach to this beach, the boat turned over and they swallowed a lot of water and they couldn’t turn the boat up, nor swim, nor get back onto the boat, the current was very strong. So, it was possible to push them and help them get away from the current,” he told reporters on the beach.

After the rescue, the President said he hoped the women would be more careful the next time they entered the water.

After the incident, netizens were in awe of the president and applauded his timely action:

According to a BBC report, the president was vacationing in the Algarve in a bid to show his support for the tourism sector, during the COVID-19 pandemic.