If the frightful image of a leopard resting in the corner of a Hyderabad road was any less scary, a video from the city has now gone viral featuring the leopard attacking a truck cleaner which will surely leave you shivering in fear. Surfacing days after the picture grabbed eyeballs, the leopard was seen lunging at the man in broad daylight on the road. Also Read - 'Potentially Misleading Information': In a First, Twitter Adds Fact-check Warnings to Trump's Tweets

Taking to their Twitter handle, Forests and Wildlife Protection Society of Telengana shared the CCTV footage from the camera that recorded the incident. The video shows trucks lined on a road with a driver and a cleaner running from one end and jumping into the security of the vehicle. While the truck driver managed to climb onto the cabin in time, the cleaner ran towards the shops lined on the other end but finding the shutters closed, ran back towards the truck. Also Read - Warning! Do Not Try This at Home: Netizens Left Shocked as Man Casually Gives King Cobra a Bath

It was then that the leopard enters the frame, having jumped over the divider and pounced at the cleaner who was just lifting himself inside the cabin. Trying to drag the cleaner by his feet, the leopard scurried away as the man escaped with few injuries. Jumping over the closed shutters of the shops, the leopard was charged at by a couple of street dogs who ran up to the scene only to be chased away by the feline. Also Read - Eid Mubarak: Twitterati Keeps the Spirit of Eid Alive, Wishes For Peace & Harmony in the World

The leopard is still on loose despite the best efforts by a team of forest officials and police to trap it.