New Delhi: When we think of airport officials, we don’t generally think of costume competitions. But this is not about what one thinks as there are pressing demands from the situation that airport officials of Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport have to dress up like a bear to scare away langoors. Also Read - Watch: Tamil Nadu Minister Asks Tribal Boy to Remove His Slippers, Faces Flak

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The airport has taken up this novel project last week. They are also supposed to make scaring sound to complement their scary look — to achieve the utmost outcome. According to reports, wildlife experts have been consulted before embarking on this project. The particular staff who is dressing up as the bear doesn’t need to act throughout the day. It has been found out that langoors come only at a specific time and if they are scared away at that time, they don’t come again.

The menace was alarming as langoors managed to delay and divert flights in past. Though there are electric and barbed fencing, langoors can jump and cross those fencing. That’s why the airport authorities have opted the traditional method of scaring. If this turns out to be successful, it will become a long-term project.

In Uttar Pradesh, people dress up as bears to scare monkeys.