A video of a woman plunging her bare hands directly into hot oil while frying food has baffled the internet. In the clip, which has gone viral, the woman can be seen effortlessly using her hand to put the batter into the piping hot oil without flinching even a bit.Also Read - Viral Video: Groom Cries and Kisses Bride As He Welcomes Her on Stage. Watch

She also flips the food items present in the boiling oil, without using any tong or spoon. At one point in the video, she even picks some hot oil in her hand and shows the onlookers that she feels absolutely fine. Also Read - Viral Video: Dancers Groove to Nora Fatehi's Naach Meri Rani, Ace The Hook Step | Watch

The video was posted on a Twitter account, ‘First we Feast’ and is perfectly captioned as “She said tongs are for losers.” Midway, an edited pair of tongs come in the frame and say, “Maybe, I am not even here. Maybe, I am a hallucination.” Also Read - Hero Dog Saves Baby Deer From Drowning, Heartwarming Video Goes Viral | Watch

Watch the video here:

The video has going viral on the internet and had received more than 23,000 views so far along with 96 retweets and 604 likes. People obviously were stunned to see such a daredevil act and wondered how she did it.

One user called her ‘Avatar- The Legend of the Oil Bender’ while another commented, ”If anyone is “built different” on this earth, it’s this woman. what a specimen.”

Explaining as to why the woman did not get burnt, a person said, “Let me enlighten you non-science people, it is called Leidenfrost effect, even if there was a lava-filled pan she wouldn’t suffer damage at all.”

Another person wrote, ”“My wife pointed out the thick batter coating her fingers.”


The video was originally posted on TikTok, although the exact location where it was recorded is unknown.

Meanwhile, she is not the first person to so this. Notably, Prem Singh of New Delhi has been frying fish by putting his bare hands in hot oil for over two decades.