Brussels: You might find it a little disgusting in the beginning, but it’s actually more environmentally friendly! Well, we are talking about insect fat which has become the latest rage in Belgium. Also Read - Madhya Pradesh: Passenger Finds Worms, Insects in Food on Bhopal-bound Shatabdi Express, Files Complaint

As per a Reuters report, a team of scientists in Belgium are experimenting with larva fat to replace butter in waffles, cakes and cookies. The logic behind it? Scientists say that the grease from insects is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the dairy version. Worth a try, right? Also Read - Delhi Man Finds Insect Inside McDonalds Burger, Gets Compensation of Rs 70,000 After Five Years

“There are several positive things about using insect ingredients. They are more sustainable because (insects) use less land (than cattle), they are more efficient at converting feed … and they also use less water to produce butter,” Daylan Tzompa Sosa, who oversees the research told Reuters.

For deriving the butter, researchers first soak Black Soldier Fly larvae in a bowl of water and then blend it to create a smooth, greyish dollop. They then use a kitchen centrifuge to separate out the insect butter.

Watch how this fat is derived:

After the butter was processed, it was used in cakes and cookies and served to a taste panel of 344 participants, asking if they could taste the difference.

The researchers said that when consumers tried the butter, they could not tell it any different from butter made with a quarter cup of milk.

As per the scientists, insect food has high levels of protein, vitamins, fibre and minerals and scientists elsewhere in Europe are looking at it as a more environmentally friendly and cheap alternative to other types of animal products.