New Delhi: A 36-second video has gone viral on social media for it shows the sheer lack of common sense and patience which can pose death threat to the wildlife. An elephant is crossing a road. A few vehicles are waiting behind for it to pass. One impatient biker can’t wait — he speeds up, breaks barricade and makes sure that he crosses the road before the elephant. The elephant is unharmed. It can be seen peacefully crossing the road and then entering into the woods. Also Read - Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network 'TRAFFIC' Indicates Wild Animals in 'Additional Threat' as Poaching Doubles During COVID-19 Lockdown

What’s surprising is that the video id of only 36 seconds and the major part pf it is the elephant entering the field. So, it took only a few seconds to cross the road. But the biker didn’t have the patience. Though the elephant in this video is not wounded, why can’t people just wait and follow rules? Also Read - Here's What is Threatening Wildlife in Top Asian Countries

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There are about 101 elephant corridors in India — 28 in south India, 25 in central India, 23 in northeastern India, 14 in northern West Bengal and 11 in northwestern India. Railway lines pose a grave threat to elephants. According to statistics of 2018, 50 elephants were killed on railway tracks in three years from 2015-1018.