Bhopal: The coronavirus lockdown has brought life to a grinding halt and in its wake, celebrations such as weddings have also taken a backseat, forcing people to either cancel or postpone them. However, some people are still going ahead with ceremonies, and are coming up with unique social distancing measures while tying the knot. Also Read - Lockdown 3.0: Weddings Are Allowed But Not if You Are Planning to Invite More Than 50 Guests

In one such incident, a couple from Madhya Pradesh decided to adopt a rather unique way of maintaining physical distancing while getting married. In a video that is going viral, the couple can be seen using sticks to put garlands on each other during the ceremony! The couple, dressed in their wedding attires, used two bamboo sticks to put garlands on each other, while also wearing masks.

As a wedding song plays in the background, the bride carefully puts a garland around the groom’s neck and vice-versa.

The video was posted on Twitter on May 1 by user @Madan_Chikna, who wrote: “Lockdown wedding.”

Well, the viral video is making netizens laugh and many on Twitter expressed their amusement at this unique way of practicing rituals:

Not just India, all social gatherings around the world, are being discouraged to curb the spread of COVID-19.