Even an animal like a cat, who are otherwise considered very snooty, can be seen empathising with the deplorable condition of the migrant workers who have been stranded in different parts of the country amid the COVID-19 lockdown. As heartwrenching news of them walking on foot to their home states, after being denied buses and trains, or being taken advantage of by BJP MLAs or being charged more than the normal fares circulate across the Internet, a video has now gone viral which shows a cat pouring out its grief over their plight. Also Read - Coronavirus Prevention: Reason Why You Should Opt For a Copper Mask

Shared on YouTube by Billooji Bol, the 01 minute 52 seconds video has a golden white cat speaking about how it is “saddened to see India’s migrants stranded in the cities and desperate to return to their villages.” Titled as, “A Letter for the Moving Hoomans or ‘Migrants'”, the video starts with the cat ‘meowing’ at humans and opined, “These are the most uncertain times of life. Also Read - Temples to Open in Karnataka From June 1, Fairs And Fests to Remain Restricted

Billoji talks about the plight of migrant labourers walking hundreds of kilometers after landlords turned them out, without shelter, without jobs and wages and soon to run out of ration. Taking a jibe at the government for doing little to prevent the worsening conditions of the stranded migrants, Billooji says, “The governing and the non-governing hoomans (humans) have also had a catfight about who is going to pay for your journey home.” Also Read - Private Labs, Take Note! ICMR Says Price Cap of Rs 4,500 For COVID-19 Test Not Applicable, States/UTs Advised to Negotiate

Asserting that it can do little to help them, Billooji says, “I am an atheist so I can’t pray for you” but it concluded the letter assuring the migrant workers that each of them were in its “meows, my growls, my yowls, my breath and my spirit.” It signs off by saying, “Yours Billoji.”

Check out the video here:

In an unfortunate incident that occurred in the wee hours of 8th May, 2020 morning i.e., around 05.22 hrs, a group of migrant workers who feel asleep on railway tracks, after exhaustion from walking for several miles from Mumbai to Chhatisgarh, were hit by a goods train proceeding towards Manmad. The incident occurred between Badnapur and Karmad stations on the Parbhani – Manmad section of Nanded Division.

Out of the 19 persons in the group, 14 were crushed to death on the spot and 02 persons succumbed to the injuries subsequently. One person with minor injuries is being treated at the Aurangabad Civil Hospital. The incident occurred, even as the Loco Pilot of the Goods Train honked the horn as soon as he noticed the group of people infringing the rail tracks and also made all possible efforts to stop the train.