Amid tensions on the India-China border, a video has emerged on social media showing People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers crying as they are allegedly deployed to the border.Also Read - India-China Talks on Ladakh Remain Inconclusive Again Amid Reports of Fresh Tensions in Doklam

The video, which has gone viral, shows the young soldiers inside a bus, singing a popular Chinese military song “Green Flowers in the Army” with most of them getting emotional.

The footage was originally posted on a Chinese WeChat page of a local network in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, but deleted soon after.

Watch the video here:

Well, the video has given ample opportunity to Taiwanese media to mock China, implying that the emotional outburst was a sign of fear. Taiwanese media such as Liberty Times and Taiwan News wrote in their reports that the soldiers were crying before being deployed to the border because they were scared of the Indian Army.

“In the video, the soldiers can be seen sobbing hysterically as they struggle to sing the words to the PLA song ‘Green Flowers in the Army,” Taiwan News reported.

The report added that the soldiers were apparently college students, with five of them volunteering to serve in Tibet, another region seeking freedom from China.

However, China has dismissed these claims and stated that the soldiers were emotional because they had just bid farewell to their parents.

”At that time, they were bidding farewell to their parents and sang the famous military song ‘Green Flowers in the Army’, and they sang ‘Go home when you celebrate your work’, completely contrary to the mood created by Taiwanese media,” Global Times said in a report on Tuesday.