Los Angeles: No Oscars Awards ceremony is complete without a little roasting and this time it was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ turn! During the ceremony’s opening monologue, comedians Chris Rock and Steve Martin fired off a couple of jokes at Bezos’ obscene wealth and highly publicized divorce while the Amazon founder, sat in the audience looking slightly embarrassed. Also Read - Who Hacked Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Phone? Now, His Girlfriend, Her Brother on Radar

Here’s how the conversation went:

“Jeff Bezos is here!”, announces Rock.  “Great actor,” Steve answers.

“He’s got cash. When he writes a check the bank bounce,” Chris said.

“Jeff Bezos is so rich, he got divorced and he’s still the richest man in the world! He saw Marriage Story and thought it was a comedy, ” the hosts take a dig at Bezos.

Rock then asked Martin if he had “anything you want to add about Mr. Bezos?” “No, I like getting my packages on time,” replied Martin.

Watch the clip here:

MacKenzie Bezos and Jeff Bezos got divorced last year in July after 25 years of marriage, setting the stage for the transfer of some 19.7 million shares of Amazon.com Inc. to MacKenzie’s name.

The settlement took an enormous chunk out of Jeff Bezos’s reported net worth, but is still the richest person on the planet! Meanwhile, there were also reports of the CEO secretly dating former Good Day L.A. co-host Lauren Sanchez.

Viewers absolutely loved the roasting, here’s how they reacted:

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