Pune: A footpath is meant for pedestrians, however a lot of bikers in India have no qualms about driving their two-wheelers on footpaths, much to the vexation of passersby. Annoyed by the same, an elderly woman in Pune took matters into her own hands and decided to do something about it. Also Read - Major Incident Averted: Jeep, Man on Pune Runway Force Air India Pilot to Take Off Early From Airport

In a video that has gone viral, the woman identified as Nirmala Gokhale was caught standing on a footpath and policing riders who took their two-wheelers on the footpath. Also Read - From AAP to Pune Police, Here's How Twitter is Celebrating Propose Day With Memes & Jokes

Roads of Mumbai, shared the video of the incident and said, “This aunty from Pune is an inspiration to many. Well done Ma’am. Shame on Bikers who ride on footpaths. It’s sad to see senior citizens have to do the job what traffic police is supposed to do in our country.”

The video shows her scolding bikers driving on the footpath while giving them an earful. “If you want to continue on the footpath you will have to hit me and go. Else get down and ride on the road,” she was quoted saying to a youth.

Watch it for yourself:

As the clip went viral, she has earned the respect of people from across the nation, who are hailing her. Pune police too appreciated her efforts and promised to look into the issue:

Here are other reactions:

Hope people learn something from this woman!