Floods and heavy rains in China over the past couple of months have affected 19 million people, say reports. Another 119 people have been killed and 12 are missing. Also Read - India Doesn't Give 'Straight Count' on COVID-19 Deaths, Says Trump at US Presidential Debate

The latest report from Beijing says at least 23 people were killed and six were missing following continuing downpour in China. Ten provincial regions have reported deaths after heavy downpours caused floods, hailstones, landslides and other geological disasters. Also Read - Declaring Gilgit Baltistan as Its province: Pakistani Move or Chinese Influence?

This report says more than 1.4 million people have been affected by the heavy rain, with 36,000 having been displaced. An initial estimate puts direct economic losses at 1.49 billion yuan ($240 million). Also Read - New Virus From China Called Cat Que Virus Emerges - All You Need to Know About The Fatal Diseases it Can Cause

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