Apart from being a prolific actor, Sushant Singh Rajput was excellent at academics and had a great penchant for knowledge and learning. In an old video that’s currently going viral, Sushant was seen talking about India’s education system, saying how coding is the future and predicted that in a few years, coding will be made mandatory in the school curriculum.Also Read - National Education Policy 2020: What is 5+3+3+4 System? How Will it Change Exam Pattern? Explained

And that’s what exactly happened, a year later! On Wednesday, the Centre unveiled reforms in the school education sector as a part of the National Education Policy and announced that coding will be taught from Class 6 onwards.

In the interview, Sushant is seen saying that in the coming years, due to advent in technology, schools will be clueless as to what to teach to students.

“65% of the students who are going to kindergarten this year will do jobs in technology that we haven’t invented yet,” he said.

He goes on to say that coding will have to be included in the curriculum as this is going to be the language that we will need in the next few years. He also stressed the need for emotional efficiency and said students should be taught how to deal with unknown situations.

Watch the video here:

Many on social media said how Sushant’s views on technology and education are prophetic and called him a ‘visionary. People also lamented how he won’t be able to witness his words coming true.

One user said, ”If today @itsSSR sir would have been alive he would have been so happy. Because he wanted the coming generation kids, should know and learn coding. I know he is watching everything from up and he must very happy. We miss you sir We really miss you.”

While the actor was quarantined at his home in April, Rajput had revealed how he been trying to learn ‘coding’ and called it super exciting, The actor expressed that he always loved computer gaming and was keen on learning the language behind it.