In a disturbing video that’s going viral on social media, Sakshi Sharma, an animal activist from Indore’s Tilak Nagar has alleged mental harassment by cops and locals. In the 9-minute-long video, a distraught Sakshi has alleged that she and her 40 stray dogs whom she fosters, are being targeted by miscreants for the past ten months. Also Read - Humanity Shamed: Female Dog Sexually Assaulted by 40-Year-Old Man in Maharashtra’s Thane

Sakshi, while sobbing says that the locals who run slaughterhouses in the area in Indore’s Tilak Nagar, have assaulted her, abused her verbally and even threatened to kill her.

Narrating a particular incident, she recounts how a dog snatched from outside her home was found later beaten to death. Despite repeated complaints to the police, she says she received no help. Further in the video, she even expressed a desire to commit suicide.

“Over the last 10 months, these people have been taking drugs right outside my house. They have made it difficult for me to step out of the house after 5 in the evening. When I reported the matter to the Tilak Nagar Police, they told me that it is happening because there is no male member in your family, you’re unmarried, and there are dogs in your house,” she said in the video.

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*Might trigger some, hence viewer discretion advised* (Video language: Hindi) This girl in the picture Sakshi Sharma posted this hoping people would take note of this and somehow this might reach the authorities. THIS IS A ONE SIDED STORY. SO DON'T HATE THE COPS WITHOUT ANY PROOF OF WHAT HAPPENED. REQUEST THE AUTHORITIES FOR AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY. Only an independent investigation can bring out the truth. Do not act impulsively by looking at one video. Let the truth come out after an unbiased investigation. A lot of journalists, politicians and top brass police officials follow our page. It is my humble request to all of them to take note of this and solve her problems at the earliest and set an inquiry committee and punish the ones guilty. Also, if the claims in this video are untrue, this lady needs to be arrested for scamming and defaming a lot of people. Indore police department needs to step up on this case soon.

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Meanwhile, the police have rejected her allegations. Talking to NDTV, Senior police officer Rajesh Raghuvanshi said, “A girl named Sakshi Sharma from Tilak Nagar has put a statement on Instagram. She has about 35-40 dogs in her house. Post her complaint in March about a shepherd, we had registered a case. She objected to grazing of goats.”

“Now she has complained that one of her dog is missing. In the past, her complaints have been registered. The allegations made against Tilak Nagar Police are completely wrong,” he said.