London: Bored out of their minds during the quarantine period, people across the world are trying to spend their time by indulging in their hobbies and spending time doing unique activities with their friends and family. One such incident that recently took place was in a London club where a group of people gathered together and played poker using toilet paper rolls! Also Read - Usain Bolt Plays Keepie Uppie Using Toilet Paper Roll to Stay Upbeat During Coronavirus Isolation

Yes, you read it right! Video footage released by Eltham Terrace Club in London shows people playing a high stakes game of poker with rolls of toilet paper being used for bets. Also Read - Trending News Today March 09, 2020: Ran Out of Loo Paper? Australian Newspaper Prints Toilet Paper Amid Coronavirus Scare | Watch

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Robert Young, who recorded the footage said:”I Robert filmed this video! I’m from London and we were working our shift at Eltham Terrace Club and were talking about how crazy everyone is being, panic buying toilet paper and thought it’d be funny if we played poker with the toilet rolls from the club because they’re so ‘valuable’ right now! Everyone got a huge kick out of it! It was hilarious!”

Since shared, the video has been going viral, leaving people on social media divided. While found it funny, many others were of the opinion that people shouldn’t be at a casino and should practice social distancing.

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, people have been panic-buying toilet paper rolls, resulting in their shortage, thereby making it essentially ‘valuable’.