As human beings, there are some of us who have a fear of heights, meaning we would never dare to look over the edge safety harness on or not. However, there are some people who not only love heights but thoroughly enjoy climbing high rise buildings and that too without any safety gear on. Also Read - Netizens in COVID-19 Lockdown Can't Wait to Walk Down The Aisle, But of a Different Sort

One such person is Jyoti Raju, who taught himself how to climb tall structures without the aid of a safety net or harness, and who has earned himself the moniker ‘Kothi Raju’ or ‘Monkey Man’. He came into the limelight when he had scaled the Chitradurga Fort in Karnataka only with his bare hands and without a safety harness. Also Read - Spotted Deer Crashes Through Roof of House in Mumbai, Gives Residents The Shock of Their Lives!

Recently, a video of him scaling the wall of the fort was shared by IAS officer Salma Fahim, and it showed him getting a round of applause as he effortlessly overcame a difficult part during his climb. Also Read - Mother, Daughter Build Cardboard Car to Drive to McDonald's Serving Only Drive-thru Customers

The video has got almost 10,000 views, and many have also commented about him being a down to earth person with so much skill.


In an interview with The New Indian Express last year, Jyoti Raju had revealed that he had climbed the Chitradurga fort for the first time when he was 18, wanting to kill himself. But after people, who were watching him climb, began to applaud, he decided to make climbing his passion. His desire is to one day scale the world’s highest waterfall – Angel Falls in Venezuela.