Do you like horror movies? Or you hide yourself when a horror scene comes on your screen? Or you like to watch scary movies but close your eyes when something gruesome comes during the film? In any case, you want to feel the thrill one gets while watching horror movies. Also Read - YouTube Withdraws Misleading Content About COVID-19 Vaccine

Horror films often deal with the viewer’s nightmares, hidden fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown. The genre doesn’t suit everyone sine not everyone have courage to watch horrific scenes. If you have courage, here is a compilation of 250 horror scenes in just 5 minutes. “A love letter to horror. This video is the result of many years of collecting, months of watching, weeks of ripping DVDs, days of editing and hours waiting through unskippable piracy warnings,” the description reads. Also Read - Top 12 Horror Movies And Series on Netflix India That You Should Watch During Lockdown

The video is compiled by PleasePlaySomeMore and brings 250 scary scenes for all horror movie lovers. Viewers can feel the fear of 250 seminal moments in just five minutes in this video. (Watch also: Guy who tries to molest girl in bus gets the shock of his life!) Also Read - International Women's Day 2018: FilterCopy Releases Hard-Hitting Video About Women and Gender Stereotypes on YouTube

Watch the video below to experience the real fear: