Sahibabad: The nationwide lockdown is making people do bizarre things and how! One such incident unfolded in Uttar Pradesh’s Sahibabad where a mother went to the police station complaining that she had sent her son to buy groceries but he returned with his wife. Also Read - UP Bride Leaves Wedding Ceremony Midway to Get Her Victory Certificate After Winning BDC Seat | See Pics

“I had sent my son to do the grocery shopping today, but when he returned, he came back with his wife. I am not ready to accept this marriage,” said the teary-eyed mother. Also Read - Socially-Distanced Wedding: Bride And Groom Use Bamboo Sticks to Garland Each Other | See Pics

Meanwhile the son, 26-year-old Guddu, said: “I got married to Savita two months ago at an Arya Samaj Mandir in Haridwar.”

“However, we could not get the marriage certificate at that time due to lack of witnesses. I had decided to visit Haridwar again for my marriage certificate but could not do so as the lockdown was imposed,” he added.

“After returning from Haridwar, Savita stayed at a rented accommodation in Delhi. However, today I decided to bring her to my mother’s house as she was told to leave the rented accommodation due to lockdown,” said Guddu.

With the mother adamant to not let them stay there, the Sahibabad Police has asked Savita’s house owner in Delhi to let the couple stay there during the lockdown period.