In an unusual act which can be called heroic, idiotic and hilarious all at the same time, a man was saved from getting crushed under a train and then slapped by his saviour. The incident took place at Mumbai’s Dahisar railway station on Friday and was caught on camera.Also Read - Happy New Year 2021: Here's How The First Sunrise of The Year Looked Like in Indian Cities | In Videos & Pics

It was the morning of New Year’s Day, when the 60-year-old man got stuck on railway tracks and almost failed to get back on the platform in time. Also Read - India's First Monolith Spotted in Symphony Forest Park in Gujarat With THIS Message

In the 15-second clip, the man could be seen trying to get on the platform but his shoe falls off. Instead of taking the jump and prioritising saving his own life, the man took the shoe to the other side of the railway track as he thought a train was coming and quickly put it on. Also Read - Baby Elephant Hit by Motorcycle in Thailand Survives After Receiving CPR | Watch Viral Video

However, there was a barrier between the two sides of the tracks. A Mumbai Police constable who was watching this unfold, ran towards him on the platform and gestured the man to stay put till the train passes or jump the barrier to the other side.

But the man decided that he could make the jump in time. As he was slowly trying to jump on the platform, the train could be seen coming towards him. It would have crushed his leg before stopping but the constable came to his rescue and pulled him up just in time.

Then, the policeman gave the man a hard slap on his face for his idiotic behavior. Watch the video below: