Mandasur: With the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, many temples have been reopened for devotees in parts of India with stringent rules to maintain social distancing. Now, a Shiva temple in Madhya Pradesh has come up with a unique way to ensure devotees avoid contact and stay safe. Also Read - 500-year-old Temple in Odisha Submerged in Mahanadi River Found | Read Deets Here

The temple has installed a bell with a sensor, which can ring without the need for physically touching it! This contactless bell, developed by an elderly Muslim man, has been fitted at the famous Ashtmukhi Pashupatinath Mahadev temple to avoid physical contact and thereby curb the spread of COVID-19.

Notably, in Hindu temples, bells are usually hung in the area or porch preceding the inner sanctum, and devotees ring them as an invocation to the deity.

Talking to PTI on Sunday, 62-year-old Nahru Khan Mev, the brain behind this sensor-operated bell, said: When I saw that ‘azaan’ was allowed in mosques after the COVID- induced lockdown and religious places were opened for devotees, I thought that temple bells should also be allowed to be rung.”

“Keeping this in mind, I got a sensor from Indore and prepared a machine at my factory here at a cost of about Rs 6,000 and placed it in the temple,” he said.

The bell starts ringing as soon as a devotee comes under it or folds his hands beneath it to pay respect to the deity.

Mev further said: “I want that other temples in the country should also have such sensor-operated bells so that devotees coming to the temples can ring it even during the COVID-19 scare.

The Pashupatinath temple opened to devotees on June 8 after a gap of 76 days, like many places of worship across India.

(With Agency inputs)