The vault a regular coffee shop, it has coffee, tea and pastries. The only thing the place is missing is staff! It is a self serve coffee shop where you pay on honour system! Yes, for some unknown reason the reason, one coffee shop in North Dakota, called The Vault, trusts people enough to sell coffee without staff and runs solely on the honor system. Also Read - Coffee Shop in New Zealand Comes up With Creative Way to Serve Latte 'With an Extra Shot of Coronavirus' as Lockdown Eases

The coffee shop owners husband and wife duo Kimberly and David Brekke found a way to run their coffee shop with relatively with no work or wages paid, while also proving that people are inherently good and extremely honest. Also Read - Trade war with China to hit farmers: US lawmakers

Their small coffee shop, is stocked with tea, baked goods, coffee and great books, it is an amazing place to be. David says people are in fact adding 15 percent extra tips to the market value prices, proving they respect the trust this coffee shop has granted on them! Also Read - Baby killed, dozens hurt when tornado hits North Dakota city