A Pakistani man was publicly beaten and arrested by law enforcement agencies in Lahore on Tuesday after he allegedly mocked PM Imran Khan in a TikTok video. As per reports, the man had posted a hilarious clip on TikTok, criticising Khan’s decision to include Kashmir in its new political map. Also Read - Shocker! Imran Khan Unveils New Map That Shows Kashmir as Part of Pakistan, Trolled on Twitter

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media in which the man can be seen getting beaten by locals, as he is being taken away in a police van.

The incident comes after PM Imran Khan on August 4, unveiled a new political map which includes Jammu and Kashmir along with parts of Gujarat as a part of Pakistan.

Releasing the map, Khan in a press conference said, “Today is a historic day we have launched a new political map of Pakistan which is as per the aspirations of the entire nation as well as the people of Kashmir.”

“This map also opposes the Indian government’s illegal act of August 5 last year,” the prime minister added.

India, meanwhile reacted sharply to the development and stated that the ridiculous assertions made by the neighbouring country have neither legal validity nor international credibility.

Dismissing the move as ‘absurd’, India’s External Affairs Ministry, in a statement, said – “This is an exercise in political absurdity, laying untenable claims to territories in the Indian State of Gujarat and our Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and of Ladakh.”