New Delhi: Passengers at an unnamed airport were left disgusted and horrified after a man was caught urinating on a chair at the waiting area. Also Read - 'Locked up, Stripped, Urinated in Mouth', Claims Journalist Thrashed by GRP Personnel in Uttar Pradesh

The video of the bizarre incident which has gone viral, shows a man casually sitting at the waiting lounge of the airport. He then proceeds to unzip his pants and urinates right there without any expression on his face. Why didn’t anyone stop the man or question him, we wonder! Also Read - Delhi Man Beaten to Death For Slapping Elderly Man Who Urinated in Front of His House

The video was shared by an Instagram page ‘Passenger Shaming’ on January 1 and has since received 228,198 views and hundreds of comments. Neither the man nor the airport’s name are identified in the video. Also Read - Rajasthan minister urinates in public

“Disgusting and unsanitary! Ugh! He was too lazy to walk to a bathroom? He was peeing gradually, so it wasn’t urgent. I hope no children were around! Maybe he gets his jollies knowing people are watching him pee? Sicko! Needed to be arrested for indecent exposure!” one of the comment reads.

Another user shared a similar experience and wrote, ”Lol I am not even surprised at this after what I witnessed two hours ago. A girl pulled down her pants and peed in front of the car next to ours. Didn’t think she knew we were in it, dark and a slight tint but I laughed so hard and she pulled up her pants so quickly that I’m sure she went back to her vehicle with piss on her pant.”

Some others wrote that they hope that the man is arrested. Meanwhile, the reason behind the man’s act is still not known.