Patna: There’s no dearth of talent in this country and recently, a viral video of a beggar in Patna proves the same. The video features the man speaking in flawless English and then shows him singing American singer-songwriter Jim Reeve’s song, He’ll Have To Go. Also Read - Mice Seen 'Raining' From The Sky As Rodent Plague Ravages Australia, Internet is Horrified | Watch

The two-minute twenty-second video starts with the beggar offering to answer the questions of those filming him in English. When asked what he does for a living, he promptly says, ‘I beg’ and says that he stays happy in ”whatever the Almighty gives him.” Also Read - Viral Video: Fearless Girl Plays With Cobra Snake & Performs Tricks With it, Internet is Stunned | Watch

He goes on to mention that “I am a singer and a dancer.” When he is asked to to sing, he readily agrees and delivers melodious rendition of Jim Reeves’s song He’ll Have To Go. Also Read - Atmanirbhar Dulha? Groom Plays The Band At His Own Wedding, Video Amuses Netizens | Watch

“This man, a beggar from Patna sings Jim Reeves’s He’ll Have To Go. Priceless,” the caption read.

Watch the video here:

Netizens absolutely loved the video and were moved by his voice, while some others were trying to figure out why the man started begging.

One user wrote, ”Wonder what circumstances would have compelled him to be on the streets & beg! Yet he looks so content! This is a classic instance of having achieved Viveka (disenchantment) & Vairagya (detachment) from desires & he is clearly looking inward. This is a lovely share,” a comment said.

Here are some other reactions:

Last year, Ranu Mondal had gone viral after the video of her singing on a train platform in Kolkata, was loved and appreciated by all.