Ahmedabad: While we might have heard of multiple incidents of birds hitting aeroplanes, a bird inside the plane is just very rare! But such an unusual and bizarre sight was witnessed in a Jaipur bound Go Air flight from Ahmedabad on Friday, where a pigeon entered the flight, much to the surprise of the passengers. Also Read - Adorable Friendship Between a Flightless Pigeon and Puppy Who Can't Walk Is Melting Hearts Everywhere

Soon, hilarity and confusion ensued as passengers started to make a video of the incident, while some tried to catch it. Others were just plain annoyed. Also Read - Pigeons Huge Concern For IAF, Pose Threat to Combat Aircraft at Future Rafale Base

The video of the incident which has now gone viral on social media, shows the pigeon flying from the one end of the plane to the other, as crew members and passengers try to avoid it.

Many even suggested the crew open the backdoor of the plane so that the pigeon could fly out. Here are some videos:

Finally, after much struggle, the pigeon was finally let out by opening one of the plane’s door.

Meanwhile, netizens started making jokes on the entire incident, check these out:

Owing to the commotion, the flight which was supposed to land at Jaipur airport at 6.15 pm, reached at 6:45 pm.