Kondagaon: In the absence of roads in Kondagaon’s Mohanbeda village in Chhattisgarh, a pregnant woman was carried to the hospital for delivery on a makeshift basket by the healthcare workers. Also Read - Bengaluru: Day After COVID Patient Dies Waiting For Ambulance, BBMP Commissioner Apologises to Family

The incident happened on Tuesday when health care workers carried the pregnant woman on a makeshift basket, as the ambulance could not reach her village due to unavailability of road.

ANI tweeted the video of the incident, which has yet again raised the issue of medical apathy in India. Watch it here:

Reacting to the incident, Chief Medical Health Officer (CMHO) of Kondagaon, TR Kanwar said that “They had called up 102 Ambulance but it could not reach there. It is a remote area. Vehicles can’t reach there due to unavailability of road. Delivery was done at district hospital”.

Fortunately, both the mother and child are safe.

In the recent past, there have been similar incidents wherein husband, relatives or male members were forced to carry pregnant women to the hospital due to the lack of proper roads or unavailability of an ambulance.