Just like Assam, Bihar is also battling the wrath of floods as several North Bihar districts have been affected by heavy rains and waterlogging. Amid such a situation, a pregnant woman had to be to the hospital on a makeshift boat amid floods in Bihar’s Darbhanga on Tuesday. Also Read - Watch: Pregnant Woman Taken to Hospital in Makeshift Basket in Chhattisgarh As Ambulance Fails to Reach Village

Rukasana Praveen, an eight-month-old pregnant woman, who is a resident of Asraha village in Darbhanga had to be taken to the hospital after she experienced a severe stomach ache. Coming to her rescue, villagers built a makeshift boat wooden planks and rubber tyres and waded through neck-deep waters to take her to the hospital.

Kanija Khatoon, Praveen’s mother said, “As the flood water has reached our house, it was difficult to take my daughter to the hospital As her health was deteriorating, we managed to build a makeshift boat to help her reach the hospital,” she said.

Watch the video here:

Hospital In-cahrge, Dr Nirmal Kumar Lal, said that the woman was treated and was sent home. “We ran some tests on her after which medicine was given,” said Lal.

Meanwhile, The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heavy rainfall in certain areas of Bihar for Wednesday as well. National and State Disaster Relief Force teams have been deployed in many districts to remove people to higher grounds.