Despite a coronavirus lockdown in the country, several citizens are still seen openly defying the norms, thereby risking their own lives as well of others. Even after fervent appeals by the government and repeated reminders to stay indoors, residents in many parts of the country were seen aimlessly roaming on the streets. Also Read - Amid Lockdown, Punjab Govt Announces Rs 20 Crore For Free Food, Medicines to Poor People

In order to teach such violators a lesson, many police departments have now adopted unique forms of punishment to ensure people don’t stray. One such video has surfaced on the internet where Nagpur police is seen making the violators do ‘uthak baithak’ amid the imposition of curfew in Maharashtra. Also Read - Watch: Punjab Cops Shake A Leg to 'Baari Barsi' to Spread Awareness About Coronavirus

Similar videos have emerged from different parts of Punjab, where the police can be seen wielding lathis or forcing violators to do sit-ups or crawl on the road to discourage them from stepping out of their homes.

Here are a few:

Many people who were amused with the videos, said that it was a good punishment, while some others said that heavy fines should be imposed on violators.

One user wrote, ”Police should fine them rather than beating/fir and use this money to care for COVID patients. Assuming no corruption from police, this money will be very useful.”

What do you think of these punishments?