Ontario: Little did she know that her weird attempt to entertain her cousin, would land her in the emergency ward of a hospital. In an effort to make her cousin laugh, Mollie O’Brien, a high school student from Canada, shoved an entire harmonica inside her mouth which ended up being stuck there.Also Read - TikTok Hand Emoji Challenge: Ankita Konwar Nails The TikTok Dance- Watch Video

What’s worse and tragically funny is the fact that every time she breathed through her mouth, she emitted a harmonica sound. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan Shares Hilarious TikTok Video as he Celebrates 3 Years of Raees

So, before going to the doctor, she decided to tell her miserable and embarrassing story to the world, which has now gone viral, attracting more than seven million views on TikTok.

“I just did a bad thing. I regret the thing I did. And you’re wondering what it is. Well…I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth and it’s stuck now,” she wrote in her video.

Mollie said the more she panicked, the heavier her breathing became and the louder the music played from her mouth.

Watch the video here:

The harmonica has now been removed from her mouth by a dentist with specialist equipment, who advised Mollie not to do it again. Thankfully, there was no injury to her bones or teeth.