Gondia: A heartwarming video of forest officials rescuing two bears, who had fallen into a well in Maharashtra’s Gondia, is going viral on the internet. Also Read - Rare Wolf Snake With Two Heads Released in Forest After it Was Rescued From House in Odisha

The video of the rescue mission was shared by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service who thanked these ‘frontline green warriors’ for saving the bears, who had accidentally fallen in the well.

Nanda captioned it as, “Amidst the two gloomy news of Corona and Amphan we are navigating here, this cheered my heart. Officials and staff from Salekasa Range, Gondia, Maharashtra, rescued two bears that had fallen in wells. All gratitude to these frontline green warriors.”

The video clip shows the bears climbing up the well through the ladders that were lowered inside.

Watch the video here:

The video has now gone viral with netizens applauding the officials for rescuing the poor creatures whereas others demanded these dangerous wells be covered, for the safety of both humans and animals.

One user wrote, ”The bear helps himself up. Beautiful sight. Thanks to the frontline warriors to help these bears.”

Here are some other reactions: