Every now and then we come across something insane and jaw dropping effort by someone to get some attention that needs to be shared with everyone around. This is one such video. Also Read - Homegrown Menswear Brand Avadat Studio Launches Their Featherweight Jeans Collection

This woman headed out to the crowded road wearing nothing but a thong and some body paint and no one noticed! Yes, this blonde decided to go ahead and stroll down the street in broad daylight with her body spray painted resembling a pair of jeans over her thongs. The pair of jeans were drawn on her body and then painted. And the result was insanely realistic! Also Read - No Ripped Jeans, T-Shirts, Slippers or Flip Flops in Office: Air India Issues New Dress Code For Employees

At one point a guy tries to follow her but is later pushed to side coincidentally by some teenager. Also Read - How to Style Different Types of Jeans to Look Super-Cool?

And later a guy who noticed the treat to his eyes got a chance to click a picture with her!

Check it out here!