New Delhi: Ever since the first case of the coronavirus was reported in India, racist attitudes have been exposed in the country with people from the Northeast states bearing the brunt of it all. The hate stems from the fact that the disease first started in China and given that most citizens from the Northeast have Mongloid features, incidents of racism are on the rise. Also Read - 'Called Coronavirus, Hit With Water Balloons Near DU': Female Students From Northeast Share Their Horror

Saddened by the constant jeers and taunts, few North-East students, from a small village in Punjab, have shared a video on Facebook describing how they are facing racism and bullying due to coronavirus.

Shared on a Facebook page called Dimapur 24/7, the caption of the video reads as, “Stop calling us corona, ch***i, Chinese … North East students of Punjab. #Govt_Of_India #say #No #to #Racism #Students #Northeast #India.”

Watch the video here:

The video starts with a girl saying how people from the North-East have since long been called offensive names like ‘Chinki’ and are now being called ‘corona’ or ‘coronavirus’. The students further narrate how these humiliating words have taken a toll on their mental health and impacted their studies.

“We live in India. We are not the people who are bringing the virus. People from China and tourists are the ones bringing the virus. So please don’t call us names,” they said.

The students further showed a map of India and urged viewers to educate themselves about the Northeast states. The video has now gone viral, and many have expressed sadness at the discrimination that humiliation that these people face on a daily basis.

Just a few days back,  two women from the Northeast, including a student of the Delhi University, filed a police complaint saying they were hit by water balloons and called ‘coronavirus’ by bike-borne men.