We all have those friends who just won’t stop recounting their love stories. Well, Twitter became that on Wednesday as #WeMetOnTwitter started trending with Twitteratis sharing their Twitter love stories with the rest of the world. What’s unique about these stories? As evident from the name, these are people who met on Twitter. Here are five things you must know about this viral trend. Also Read - Malala Yousafzai’s Tweet on Kashmir Draws Sharp Criticism From Twitterati And Political Leaders

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It may sound unbelievable. But people have actually met on Twitter, found love and got married. Also Read - FB, Google, Twitter to Testify Against Extremist Content on Social Media Before US Congress

Do all social media platforms double as dating sites?

It’s a strange but common complaint against all social media platforms in India is that they all facilitate stalking and dating. We don’t know whom to blame — the social media platforms concerned or our general disregard for privacy, but #WeMetOnTwitter once again proved that love can bloom anywhere and everywhere, even on Twitter while there are sites meant exclusively for dating.

It all starts with ‘follow’ and ‘follow back’

But how does one fall in love on Twitter, as unlike Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Twitter is not known for its photo-friendliness? As recounted by many Twitteratis, it all starts with a ‘follow’ followed by an endless wait for a ‘follow back’. Then come the ‘likes’. After this to-and-fro, the game shifts to ‘DM’ ( direct messages). And then, the story lands on WhatsApp after numbers are exchanged. Following this, we believe, the story enters the realm of reality.

Well, the singles are mourning

And their number is no less.

Twitter is not that corrosive

Well, Twitter is not known for warmth. Its claim to fame has always been unbridled abuses. But #WeMetOnTwitter with a blue love sign may force us to think otherwise. Maybe, Twitter is not that corrosive as it looks like.