On Thursday, a heated debate was witnessed in Pakistan’s National Assembly, reverberations of which were heard in India as well. We will tell you why and how!Also Read - Gen Bajwa's Legs Were Shaking: Pakistan Leader Says Imran Khan Govt Freed Abhinandan 'Out of Fear'

It all started when video clips of protests in the Pakistan parliament went viral on social media, with many claiming that opposition MPs shouted slogans and chanted the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many media websites and notable personalities also claimed the same and dubbed it as an ’embarrassment’ for the Imran Khan government.

Have a look:

The hashtag ‘Modi, Modi’ soon started to trend on social media, and many were already up with jokes and memes:

Here’s what really happened:

However, contrary to social media claims, no ‘Modi’ chants were raised. If one listens carefully to the video clip, it will be evident that members of Parliament are chanting ‘voting, voting’, asking for voting to be held. Many have been mistaken on the internet, perhaps because both the phrases sound the same.

Notably, the ‘voting’ chants were raised after Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi began speaking about the Charlie Hebdo incident and Islamophobia. If one listens further, the speaker can even be heard stating that people should stop sloganeering and give each other a chance to talk. “Voting will happen,” he assures.

As per a Dawn report, MPs were demanding voting on a resolution condemning “the resurgence of blasphemous and Islamophobic acts by mischievous elements in some parts of the world”, in the wake of a French teacher’s murder by a Muslim extremist.