New York: Amid the coronavirus lockdown in many countries, working from home has become the new normal and dressing up for work has become a thing of past. However, if you are a TV journalist, you do have to show up in decent clothes on camera for the sake of presentability. Also Read - Viral Video: Brave Man Catches Snake, Puts it in His Lungi's Fold; Leaves Netizens Shocked | WATCH

So, on Tuesday, Will Reeve, an ABC News reporter appeared on the show ‘Good Morning America’ for a segment about pharmacies using drones to deliver prescriptions to patients. For the live broadcast, Reeve decided to put on a nice suit but forgot something else underneath–his pants.
Initially, it appeared that he is wearing a full suit, however viewers watching him were quick to notice that he had no pants on below his suit jacket. A slight error in the camera angle’s set up, exposed it all!

Well, what followed was a barrage of  videos and screenshots of the segment, pointing the gaffe followed by hilarious comments: Also Read - Hundreds of Women Offer Prayers to 'Corona Mai' in UP Village

According to CNN, the 27-year-old acted as his own cameraman for the broadcast from home, but failed to angle the camera such that it hid his pants-less legs.

Later, Reeves put up a Twitter post explaining what went wrong with a caotion,”When WFH goes wrong (or, your self-framed live shot goes too wide).Hope everyone got a much needed laugh.”

”The camera angle, along with friends, family and several hundred strangers on the social media made me rethink my morning routine,” the reported wrote in the note.”